Bolt it on Moto rack

I procrastinated on the purchase of my 144 low roof Mercedes Sprinter, but when I finally purchased it I knew that I didn’t want to hack up my Van to haul Motorcycles or bikes. This Sprinter is meant for a daily driver, and a one to two night camping vehicle with my family of four. 

I knew that I didn’t want to drill through my floor or build a solid partition for my Van, but those two needs left me without much of an option to put a rack for tie downs or wheel chocks. I was using the three tie down method on my bike where I would loop the front tie downs under the seat and the 3rdtie down would be on the foot peg pulling back. This system is effective but such a pain in the ass. With all that being said I was trolling through Instagram and spotted a product that looked like it would work perfect for my needs.

This product is the Bolt it On wheel rack. I contacted the company where I was able to talk to the owner, inventor and everything else for Bolt it ON. I told him what the vehicle application that I needed it for and before I knew it I had one on the way. The product arrived on my door step and I was excited to grab my tools and start putting it together. I brought it out to my garage where I quickly realized the bar was extremely lite and I didn’t need any tools. The system has a retractable pin system for every piece where you just slide your wheel chalks into place in the distance you want from the bars or wall of you van/trailer. I think it took me only 5 minutes to assemble this product. Once I got it in my van, I put the threaded hooks into the manufacture eye hooks there was nothing else to do but load up my bikes and go to the track. 

Since that first day, I haven’t had to take the bar out and have done very little adjusting. The tie down hooks are in a perfect place for tie downs so your bike doesn’t rock. On my system I only have two wheel chalks because it’s the short van but if I had more room for a third bike I would I have the third wheel chalk so the bars don’t touch when hauling 3 bikes. The only thing I’d like to have with the product is a wheel chalk for bicycle forks so I wouldn’t have. I will make something myself to accomplish this when I get some time. I will also tell you that this same system is amazing in a toy hauler. When I had my toy hauler I could have really used this because the eye hooks were not in a good place to tie bikes down.