Motocross Coaching

I have always had a passion for being a better rider and was able to work with some amazing trainers as a full time racer. Now that I have retired from AMA pro racing I am able to focus my time on giving back to the riders that have the same hunger for getting better at riding and racing. When I say retired from full time racing that’s correct I still ride and race on a weekly basis myself so I am able to stay credible and understand what the riders are feeling and seeing. If they are having trouble with a section I am able to show the riders how to manage the section by doing it myself.

I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years building and managing the KTM Orange Brigade amateur racing program and from there I went on to managing the Team USAjr worlds team to a Win in 2014.  Read more about my passion for the youth and Amateur racing from this interview at Transworld Motocross by clicking here


Motos will be done towards the end of the session after technique drills to put all the things together that we worked on and execute in a simulated type race. Reccomend each rider to have a LitPro so we can get accurate lap times from each session.

Coaching Session Info

Session Length 3 hrs

Session Cost - $150 

Pre Pay – for four sessions $500

Full Time training – 3 Days a week at the track 2 days off the bike fitness, and race plan goals $500 a week.


Riders under the age of 18 must have parent or guardian present at all times during training session

Email me at for bookings and availability