Keep It Simple Stupid

Since my two boys Noah and Mason are getting more active in outdoor sports. Sarah and I have been able to do more and more with our two little rug rats, but finding a perfect vehicle that will accommodate our active lifestyle has been tougher then I could have ever imagined. Previously we had a 2wd 2015 V6 Dodge Durango with three rows but as the boys got older Sarah realized she didn’t need that third row that we thought we needed. We also were very impressed with the Dodge Durango and how much vehicle you get for the money. With Mason and Noah liking snowboarding and skiing as much as me and Sarah we thought a four wheel drive would be the right thing to look into for our next vehicle.  That being said Sarah went on the hunt for a new vehicle. We had such a great experience with the staff at Poway Dodge Chrysler I left it up to Sarah to go car hunting for her new car. 12 hours later Sarah came home with a 2017 4x4 Dodge with a V8 hemi. I’m not going to lie I was very surprised with her choice. I’ve never owned a Jeep and neither has Sarah, but I was pumped because I thought it would fit our family’s lifestyle great. 

FullSizeRender 21.jpg

We got the Jeep in January and we couldn’t wait to get to Mammoth Mountain with the record snowfall they were having. Before we went I needed to purchase a roof rack as well as cargo carrier, so the inside of the car wasn’t a mess with a set of skis, 3 snowboards, sleds and snow equipment. I have had great luck with Thule products for my truck and van so I purchase the Thule Aeroblade racks along with the Thule Force Large rooftop carrier to go on top. I was blown away stream line the Thule aeroblade was and it had virtually no wind noise even with the Force cargo carrier on top. We had more then enough room in the cargo carrier and the car had nothing in it we didn’t need. One of the awesome things about the Cargo Carrier is that you can get into it from both sides and when putting it on the aeroblades you didn’t need any tools you just reach inside and turn the knobs of the Quick-Grip lock mounting to attach it. Our first trip to Mammoth was a success. The push button snow mode and the abundance amount of power in the jeep made the climb out of Bishop to Mammoth feel like nothing. The Thule products were so helpful to stay organized not having to bring boards in and out of the condo with how secure Thule Force rooftop carrier locked up. 

The next trip that we used that Thule product on the Jeep was in June for a summer trip to Mammoth. For this trip we added my 5 year old Thule T2 Classic bike rack. We had a cargo box with two 16 inch Stacyc electric bikes, luggage, and even snowboards for summer shredding. The Thule T2 bike rack was in the hitch with Sarah’s Intense Spider and Masons 16 inch Cult BMX bike. Once again the inside of Sarah’s Jeep was very organized inside and all the sporting equipment has it’s place. 

I’m so impressed with the  2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its for sure the nicest vehicle I’ve ever owned with leather, tons of power and electronics that allows us to take our family to the snow, beach or desert in style, but with out the Thule products the vehicle would be very one dimensional. At the end of the day we dindt have to buy some big ass Suburban to keep organized and that why I like to keep it simple stupid.