Union Sport Saddle Review


If you say that it’s just a saddle you may have just gotten lucky on the saddle that came on your bike. I’ve been a cycling enthusiast pretty much my entire life but it’s been only the last 10 years that I started refining my bikes to be my best at specific segments of cycling. My priorities were in this order, overall bike weight, then wheels, drivetrain, and lastly was my saddles. Some might not think that this a bad way of prioritizing my bike expenditures, but when you think of the amount of time sitting on your saddle it really starts to make more sense why my thinking was not good. 


With the above being said I have been searching for a good saddle for my road and mountain bike, but I was scared to take the risk of spending a good amount of money on a quality saddle. I’m sure you have been there also… your shoes or saddles are still looking good, so why should I replace them? It’s called technology and R&D. I had just got my Wife a new Pinarrello and after multiple rides with her I could tell something wasn’t right. I did her bike fit myself and she said she felt comfortable but something looked odd. She was very hunched over with her toes pointing down while pedaling. That was the final straw because I knew something wasn’t right, but she thought everything was good. Her experience on a road bike is only 6 years so she could have never felt what a correct saddle feels like. With the above being said I was turned on to Union Sport when I attended the Quick N’ Dirty mountain bike race in San Diego County this past summer where I was really impressed with the quality look of their saddles. I like to support companies who support the sport and that is Union Sport so I ordered my wife the SAALE RXS for her road bike and the HARZ MXSE for my Intense Hard Eddie hard tail Mountain bike that I use for commuting and gravel grinder races.


I started talking to my Wife Sarah more in depth about why she felt she was sitting the way she was on the bike, so I put the saddle on her bike and made some small changes and instantly realized she wasn’t hunching anymore. We realized she was hunching because she was rolling her pelvis forward because it wasn’t comfortable to sit relaxed on the saddle so she would shift her pelvis up to sit on her glutes more. Sarah’s story was a little more impressive then mine, but I had made huge improvements going from my old saddle to the Union Sport. I both used models from SDG prior to switching to Union Sport saddles. The stiffness of the carbon saddle really helped with my power through my pedals. I also noticed over long rides I was more comfortable for longer periods of time due to the saddle being better for my body type. Clearly there are many saddles that would work for me or for my Wife, but after trying to Union Sport Saddles I’ll be looking for a Union Sport Saddle for my trail bike and new 29er XC race bike. 

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The Good

- tecnolgoy involved in the material

- range of saddle for differnet body types

- the look and fashion

The Bad

- not good for rugged mtb type riding

- the website is hard to navigate and know what saddle is right for you