Rinse Kit

It’s not very often that I leave the track or trails to go home straight for a shower. My program usually consists of riding then off to a meeting or to the test track but either way I really like to be freshened after I get all sweaty and dirty. About two years ago I purchased a Rinse Kit and have never stopped using it!


What’s a rinse kit you ask? A Rinse Kit is a 2 gallon portable water supply that looks like a cooler. The Rinse Kit has to be filled by a hose and the back pressure is what powers this awesome portable water system. I use it weekly from washing myself off after a mountain bike/road ride, or moto/surf session, cleaning my helmets, goggles, number plates, or even my kids after a day at the beach. I’m not much of a camper but if I was this product would be a must have for quick easy showers before you crawl into your tent. You can change the hose nozzle to multiple types of pressures, and all attachments are quick release systems so refilling is not a task.



I have two Rinse Kits now one for myself and one my wife uses to hose the kids down after a day at the beach or track before they get into the car. When I first got my Rinse Kit 2 years ago there was two things that I wish this product had and it was a way to heat water and to be able refill it in the field. These two wants weren't  a deal breaker for me, but over time the Rinse Kit the team has developed a field filling system along with an adapter for a sink. I dont have these pieces yet but with out them it still serves it's purpose just fine. The Unit retails for $88.95 as seen it the pictures. 

For complete specs and questions on the Rinse Kit click HERE