Is Cryotherapy right for you?



We have all heard the saying “smarter not harder” but most of us just continue to grind away working harder, but don’t take the proper steps to recover. We all can have many excuses but in my opinion it’s just time that gets the most of us including me. When you are healthy and busy you just want to make gains on and off the bike and before you know it your day is over.

The average day for a motocrosser, cyclist, and mtb racer is your training on your specific two wheel sport. Then in the gym or recovery ride after. Whether it is intervals, base miles, or sprints you will need some form of recovery after the day. Some athletes try and use an ice bath after the day is complete to get the muscles to recover. The problem with this is you need to have a large enough bath and enough bags of ice to submerge yourself in a ice bath for no more then 10 minutes. It’s extremely painful and you spend minimum $20 on ice. Cryotherapy is the latest way to get your body recovered in a very short amount of time in very safe and controlled enviorment. Whole-body cryotherapy is, essentially, ice baths taken to the next level, and it is drawing a considerable amount of attention among athletes, both elite and recreational. In the cryotherapy chambers, the ambient temperature is lowered to a numbing minus 110 Celsius or minus 166 Fahrenheit. The chambers were originally intended to treat certain medical conditions, but athletes soon adopted the technology in hopes that supra-subzero temperatures would help them to recover from strenuous workouts more rapidly.


Above is a range of athletes who use The Lab: Caroline Buchanan/BMX and Mtb champion, Alex Martin/ Supercross and MX winner, Dan Henderson/UFC champ

After last weekends crash at Hangtown it left me down and out. I can’t test or train, so all I could do was try and get my body back to a working order. I have seen some top moto, bike, and MMA athletes going to a local Cryotherapy center in Temecula known as The Lab. I made an appointment for Monday afternoon and gave it a shot. The Lab is located in legendary MMA fighter Dan Henderson’s gym in Temecula, Ca. When I arrived I was greeted by the staff and felt very comfortable when asking questions about the Cryotherapy procedure. I was asked to go into the changing room to get into my underwear only and to put on socks, gloves and booties. I got into the booth for my 3 minutes and before I knew I was done. Yes it was cold but it was nothing like an Ice Bath when it comes to pain. After exiting the machine I could notice how much deeper my breaths were and my body felt much more refreshed as a whole. The morning after my knee and ankle were about 15% smaller in size due to the swelling going down and ultimately giving me more range of motion.  I’m going to attend The Lab for another session of cryotherapy Thursday to hopefully help me get back on the bike as soon as possible. 


So should you get over to The Lab and get a cryotherapy treatment? If you put your body through the ringer in the gym, on two wheels or in the ring and you don’t have a ton of time when you get home cryotherapy is right for you. The session takes 3 minutes and your back on your way to your busy life feeling better so you can get stronger.



3 pack- $117

5 pack- $170

10 pack- $320

for more info txt or call 951-394-2653 

Address- 27901 Jefferson Avenue Temecula, CA 92590