GoPro Seeker Review



 When GoPro launched their new Karma grip gimbal I was a little more then excited. The gimbal really changed the way I could film my kids and buddies. The stability of my videos improved, the shots were more accurate and I could get more creative. But to be honest the warm and fuzzy’s wore off quick with the Gimbal because all I could film was other people and not capture stuff on my own ride until the Seeker backpack was launched. I immediately ordered up a backpack for so many reasons.

When going for a Mountain Bike ride the crew and I always want to get “that shot” but carrying cameras, hydration, tools and food is always a bit of a struggle. There has not been a backpack on the market that can do it all until I wore the New GoPro Seeker. Let’s start with the fit of the backpack. It’s important that when pedaling with a backpack or hydration pack doesn’t move around to much throwing off your balance while descending. There are two straps high and low that you can adjust to keep it firmly against your person so you don’t get any movement. I was a little suspect on how the Karma gimbal would mount up to the Seeker utilizing the chest mount that attaches straps due to the design of the Karma gimbal but as you can tell by the video it performed flawless. It comes in and out of the chest mount with ease so you can do fly by shots, the elastic loop on the chest mount really helps holding it in place through the jumps and rock gardens.

You want storage? Well there is plenty of storage in the Seeker. In the ride that I shot this video I had my phone, Karma Gimbal, Cannon camera, multi tool, hydration, pack and two GoPros. The weight is dispersed very evenly and as you can tell in the video I hade no problems with pedaling while having the Seeker fully loaded. Through out the pack there is elastic straps to hold down anything you have inside form bouncing around. The only negative thing that I can say is that you need to have your own hydration bladder which I already had for the hydration compartment.


My overall impression of The Seeker is that if you have the Karma Gimbal it’s a must that you get to the Seeker to capture POV of your adventures. The regular chesty has to much flex for the Karma Gimbal. At the end of the day having the GoPro Seeker will make those epic rides that much more fun because I will be organized in all aspects. 


Video shot at- 1080

Video Edited using GoPro Splice app

Camera- GoPro Hero 5 - $399

Karma Grip Gimbal - $299

Seeker Backpack - $169