Fasst Company Brake Spring

If you own a KTM you know there isn’t much that you can do to make it better then how it comes out of the crate as the bike is tuly Ready To Race. I may have bias opinion but the bikes are virtually flawless in performance and reliability.

With that being said I wanted share a very key component that I have been using for years. In 2016-17 some riders are having problems with there rear brake spring snapping of the brake pedal causing a very dead feel on the break pedal. Fasst Company out of Utah has been making a brake spring bucket and spring that goes under the master cylinder. On this brake spring the pedal resistance can be adjusted by how much preload is placed on the spring. In the earlier KTM models there wasn’t a problem with the rear brake springs braking so I used it for improved feel I had on my foot when breaking because I am hard on the rear brake. Believe it or not I have recycled a brake spring for almost 3 years with virtually no wear and tear.

The Return Spring Kit also minimizes debris from jamming the master cylinder as well as eliminating the stock return spring that attaches to the pedal.

Rear Brake Pedal Return Spring Kit consists of spring, spring bucket and nut. The Spring Bucket contains the spring as well as seals the master cylinder with the stock rubber dust boot. This key component is also available for Japanese models if you are riding one.



The Rear Brake Spring retails for a very reasonable $19.99.