Pala Raceway track review

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This track review is from the 2nd week of September 2017. Pala Raceway is one of the busiest tracks in Southern California for many reasons. The Tracks are always prepped to a standard, the location is central to many major cities, and the 5 tracks on site have something for everyone to enjoy their riding experience. The tracks property is owned by the Pala Indian tribe and managed by a group selected by the reservation who treat it like a business and not a club. The track went through some tough times following the AMA National held in 2011 that ultimately shut the track down but since the new management has came into the facility has been improving weekly. The track has no trash or old equipment lying around it, great level parking around the entire facility, and they stick to a consistent open practice schedule. Lets get to what you all care about that is the tracks. 

50/beginner track

My 6 year old son Mason who rides a bone stock PW50 will be giving you the GoPro lap preview. My son really likes this track for multiple reasons. He says the jumps are cool, but the whoops are the most fun he says. The track offers flat turns berms and doubles as well. The Pala track crew does a good job at keeping the track a hard base so when the kids go out they can get right to it and don’t have to break in the track. On the Saturday when this was filmed the watered the track very consistent with the water truck which kept the track good all day. As a Dad I do cringe when I see quads on the track with my son. We all know who will win that battle if a rider goes down. I’d like to see no quads on the track with motorcycles. 


 The Vet Track

 I’d say the most popular track at Pala Raceway is the Vet track. The Vet track was the first track that was built at Pala in 2010 and it has evolved over the years to becoming a favorite to most. The track is very jumpy, but no dangerous doubles just table tops and a lot of turns, flat and berms and even a small whoop section. They do a hard pack prep for the most part so the track doesn’t get that rough and the entire track gets ridden not forming one line. You will also get more of hard pack rut on the inside lines of turns and small acceleration chop from the diverse levels of riders. You will find most Vet and Amateur riders really enjoy the track because of it’s flow. This track is great for all levels but can get crowded on the weekend so if you are looking to be a hero I recommend riding the Amateur or Pro track. Jeremy "Twitch" Stenberg said he likes the Vet track the most right now. Hang on because he’s going to give you a wild ride with Jeremy McGrath and Axel Hodges as he rips around for a GoPro hot lap.

Aerial footage from GoPro Karma

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Amateur track

 In the past 3 months they have imported a few thousand yards of red clay to this track to create a very hard base. I don’t know if these because they allow side by sides and quads on this track but it’s clear this track is the red headed step child of Pala Raceway. The prep is inconsistent and it’s not always open. That being said when it’s prepped the track is so damn fun. It has great usage of the surround hills that adds a fun element to the track. There are also some really fun jumps on the track from beginner to pro level. What a beginner might double, double a pro can quad. The turns are a little more technical on the amateur track compared to the vet track and this in my opinion is what keeps people from splitting up their time from the vet to amateur. Cade Matherly a B class rider gives you a GoPro hot lap aboard his KTM 125.

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The Main track


 Like I said earlier the Pala Main track was a round on the AMA Pro Motocross National Circuit and even with the closure the Main track it has been know for one of the gnarliest tracks around. The prep on the track is usually quite deep which allows the track to develop big bumps and ruts if there is a lot of moisture in the ground. The soil on the main track is also the same as the vet track a fine top soil, but since the main track is tilled deep the ruts don’t hold up unless there is a lot of moisture in the ground and we know California isn’t know for a lot of rain. This makes the track quite dynamic for hitting your marks because the track is changing every lap. We have established that the track get rough and hitting your marks each lap is tricky but the jumps on this track are absolutely massive! In all honesty it takes me a little bit of time to sack up and hit some of the jumps on the Main track if I have not been there for a while. As far as those big jumps go they are not the best they have been as of lately. The lips of the jumps are really steep and the landings are flat which most of you know that does go hand and hand. I’d like to see the crew do an overhaul on the lips and landings so the track flowed better but that’s just my opinion. When it comes to grueling, motos the Main track is a place that can give you confidence to build stamina and technique if you can get over the hurdles of the “Go Big Or Go Home” aspect of the track. My old ass will give you a GoPro hot lap on my KTM USA 350sxf

Aerial footage from GoPro Karma

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Supercross Track

 The Supercross track is good track from what I have heard but I have not ridden it myself. The track is completely exposed all day and the soil isn’t the best from what I’ve heard, but its an option to learn a AMA supercross spec’d track

I wanted to point out that I’m very confident if you were debating checking out Pala Raceway I’m 100% confident one of the many tracks will be the right track for you.



- $30 motorcycles and quads 80cc and up

-  Supercross track $65

-  $25 if holding a valid Miltary. Fire, Police ID



- Monday – Wednesday 8-6pm

-  Friday- Sunday 8-6pm



-  There is a local race series that races on the Amateur track

-   The Main track hosts The AMA amateur Cal Classic, and the new RV Mx Cup race along with TWMX races series races on the Main and Vet



-       Snack bar

-       Overnight Camping “no hook ups”


-       Intstagram: @officialPalaRaceway

-       Facebook: Pala Raceway

-       Address: 12799 Hwy 76 Pala, CA 9205